Rolling Stones

1963-1965 Best Of BBC Recordings Get Satisfaction...If You Want! TSP 003-2 DLP
1963-1965 BBC BBC Broadcasts TSP 019 LP
1965 March 5-18th British Tour & Demo Bright Lights - Big City TSP 010 LP
1964-1967 The Ed Sullivan Show",New York Conquer America TSP 007 LP
1965-1966 Sessions Alternate Aftermath TSP 500-92/1 LP
1966 July 28th Honolulu, Hawai So Much Younger Than Today TSP 012 LP(1983)
1964-1968 Studio London-Hollywood Necrophilia TSP 500-74/1 LP
1967 Alternate Their Satanic Majesties Request TSP 500-98/2 DLP
1968-1972 Unsearchable Stars TSP 002 LP (1983)
1969 Februray-October Olympic Studios,London Alternate Let It Bleed TSP 500-65/2 DLP
1969 Trident Studios, London Can You Hear The Guitar TSP 001 LP (1983)
1969 July 5th Hyde Park, London,UK Hyde Park 1969 TSP 023-2 DLP
1969 November 9th Oakland Coliseum, California,(1nd Show) Live`r Than You`ve Ever Been TSP 500-88/2 DLP
1969 November 9th Oakland Coliseum, California,(2nd Show) Live`r Than You`ll Ever Be TSP 043-2 DLP
1969 November 10th Sport Arena San Diego,California San Diego`69 TSP 214 CD
1969 November 27-28th (A)
1969 December 6th    (B)
Madison Square Garden, New York/USA
Altamont Speedway, San Francisco/USA
There`s No Angel Born In Hell TSP 028 LP
1969-1970 Alternate Sticky Fingers TSP 500-32/2 DLP
1971 March 13th Leeds University, England Get Your Leeds Lungs Out! TSP 030-2 DLP
1971 March 13th Leeds University, England Get Your Leeds Lungs Out Revisited TSP 215 CD
1971 March 13th Leeds University, England Hello Leeds, Bye Bye UK TSP 500-82/1 LP
1971 March 26th The Marquee Club, London,UK Marquee Club TSP 500-80/2 DLP
1971-1974 Alternate Goat`s Head Soup TSP 500-79/1 LP
1972 June 24th Dallas Texas Whip's Crack & Tiger's Snarl TSP 272-2 DCD
1972 June 24th Fort Worth, Houston,USA Ladies And Gentlemen TSP 500-2/2 DLP
1972 July Madison Square Garden, New York Welcom To New York TSP 038 LP
1972 July 20-21th Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia Philadelphia Special Part 1 TSP 050-2 DLP
1972 July20-21th Spectrum Sports Arena,Philadelphia The Great Lost Live Album Vol. 1 TSP 006 LP (1983)
1972 Philadelphia,Ft.Worth,Houston Philadelphia Special Part 2 TSP 060-2 DLP
1973 February 24th Cricket Ground, Perth, Australia Rocks Off TSP 056-2 DLP
1973 Munich,Hamburg,Essen Tour Over Germany 1973 TSP 300-36 LP
1973 October 17th Forest National,Brussel Brussel Affair 1973 TSP 300-16 LP
1973 and 1979 Munich, Nassa/Bahamas , Paris Lonely At The Top TSP 199 CD
1973-1974 MusiclandStudios, Munich Alternate It`s Only Rock`n`Roll TSP 500-56/1 LP
1976 June 4-7th Les Abattoirs,Pavilion de Paris Paris Aux Printemps TSP 126-2 DLP
1978 June 14th Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey Out On Bail TSP 064-2 DLP
1978 American Tour Handsome Girls TSP 200-4 4CD-Box
1979-1982 Studio Sessions Pain Of Love TSP 274 CD
1981 Washington D.C, USA Time Is On Our Side TSP 018-2 DLP(1983)
1981 November 22th Buddy Guy`s Checkerboard Lounge,Chicago,USA Sweet Home Chicago TSP 115-2 DLP
1981 November 22th Buddy Guy`s Checkerboard Lounge,Chicago,USA The Ultimate Sweet Home Chicago TSP 500-112/3 3LP
1981 December 18th Hampton Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia Hampton`81 TSP 100-3 3LP-Box
1982 July 17th Stadio San Paola,Napoli,Italy Shattered In Europe TSP 184 CD
1989 September 3th CNE Stadium, Toronto, Canada Live In Toronto TSP 150-2 DCD
1989 December,19th Atlantic City, New York,USA Atlantic City`89 TSP 075-3 3LP-Box
1994 August 1th Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, Washington D.C. First Night Stand-Washington Vol.1&2 TSP 180-2 DCD
1994 October 31th Alameda County Stadium, Oakland All Hallow`s Eve TSP 195-2 DCD
1994 New Orleans `94 Live At the Superdome TSP 181-2 DCD
1994 November 25th Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami/Florida Live At Joe Robbie Stadium -Miami`94 TSP 182-2 DCD
1995 February 25th Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg,South Africa Live In Johannesburg TSP 185-2 DCD
1995 June 24-25th Werchter Festival Ground Beast Of Belgium TSP 190-4 4CD-Box
1995July 24th Estádio Alvalde, Lissabon/Portugal, Da`Lapa Incident/Lisboa`95 TSP 201-2 DCD
2006 July 21th Olympiastadion , Berlin, Germany Sympathy For The Devil TSP 4449-50 DCD
Alternate Exile On Main Street TSP 500-12/2 DLP
Alternate Beggar`s Banquet TSP 500-51/1 LP
Alternate Black & Blue TSP 500-103/2 DLP
Alternate Some Girls TSP 500-96/2 DLP