1976 April 15th Austraöia/Adelaide,Australia Next Exit: Adelaide TSP 500-27/1 LP
1976 June 12th Edinburgh,Leith Theatre,UK Maximum R`n`R TSP 300-40 LP
1976 July 8th Paris Theatre,London,UK Lock Up Your Daughters TSP 500-16/1 LP
1977 January 30th Sydney, Australia A Giant Dose Of Rock & Roll TSP 500-8/1 LP
1977 August 22th Cleveland,USA Burning Balls TSP 500-24/1 LP
1978 August Nashville ,USA 1978 Long Evening Of R.N.R. TSP 300-37 LP
1978 August 8th Nashville,USA Rocker TSP 300-37P Pic-LP
1978 August 21th Paradise Rock Club, Boston Rockin` For Boston TSP 500-23/1 LP
1978  September 10th Colombus, Ohio, USA Poor Teeth & Rock n Roll TSP 300-25P Pic-LP
1978  October 23th Nijmegen,Holland Whole Lotta Holland TSP 500-31/1 LP
1979 September 16th Stage College Towson Rocker In Flames TSP 500-17/2 DLP
1979  November 12th Jaap Edenhal Amsterdam, Amsterdam Ain`t A Bad Place To Be TSP 300-34 LP
1979 December 3th Berlin,Germany The Berlin Symphony TSP 500-89/2 DLP
1981 February 27th Melbourne,Australia Myer Music Bowl TSP 500-25/2 DLP
1982 December 6th Brussels, Belgium Back On Stage TSP 500-54/1 LP
1983 October 5th Los Angeles/CA Sketch Book TSP 500-62/1 LP
Gone Shootin` TSP 300-25 LP
Flashback Amsterdam TSP 300-34P Pic-LP
2003 June 17th Circus Krone ,Munich At The Circus TSP 500-69/3 3LP
2008 December 2th Oakland,USA Anything Goes In Oakland TSP 500-39/2 DLP
2009 April 6th Hallenstadion,Zürich/CH Shot Down in Zurich TSP 500-53/2 DLP
2010 March 16th Kyocera Dome, Osaka,Japan Last Train To Osaka TSP 500-101/2