SWINGIN PIG   TSP 500-79/1

  Rolling Stones - Alternate Goat`s Head Soup  

  Side A:

100 Years Ago
  Different Mix (Mobile Rec.Unit,Nellcote/France,July 10-25,October-Nov. 23,1971)

  Rough Mix without & 2nd keyboard overdub (Dynamic Sound Studios,Kingston, Jamaica ,Nov. 25-30 & Decemb. 6-21,1972)

Silver Train
  Different Mix (IslandRec.Studios,London,England May 28,1973 onwards,mixing and overdubbing for the Album"Goats Head Soup",partially without Keith Richards)

Hide Your Love
  Different Mix ((Dynamic Sound Studios,Kingston,Jamaica,Nov. 25-30 & Decemb. 6-21,1972)

  Different Mix ((Dynamic Sound Studios,Kingston,Jamaica,Nov. 25-30 & Decemb. 6-21,1972)**

  Side B :

Save Me-Outtake**
Waiting For A Friend-Outtake**
You Should Have Seen Her Ass-Outtake**
Criss Cross Man # 2-Unreleased**
Through The Lonely Nights-1974 b-side only**
Too Many Cooks
  Unreleased Mick Jagger solo-single (RecordPlant,L.A.,CAlate Dec. 1973,produced by JOHN LENNON(Guitar)