SWINGIN PIG   TSP 500-65/2

  Rolling Stones - Alternate Let It Bleed  
  Recorded During the Let It Bleed Sessions at Olympic-Studios,London,UK  
  Februray - October 1969  

  Side A :

Gimme Shelter (# 2)
Gimme Shelter (Keith On Vocals)
Love In Vain (Live In NYC/NY,11.27.69)
Country Hook (Without fiddle-honkcar)
You Got The Silver (Mick Jagger On Vocals)

  Side B :

You Can`t Always Get What You Want
Shake Your Hip (#2)
Jiving Sister Funny (#2,correct speed)
I Don`t Know Why aka Don`t Know Why I Love You
Leather Jacket (Instrumental/correct Speed)

  Side C :

Dancing In The Light (Instrumental)
Who Am I (See I Love You)
Loving Cup (early take,Instrumental)
Hip Shake
I Ain`t Lying (Blues Jam)
I Don`t Care

  Side D :

I'm Going Down (#2,correct Speed)
Stop Breaking Down
Loving Cup (#1)
Loving Cup (#2,electric)