SWINGIN PIG   TSP 500- 15/2

  Led Zeppelin - Alternate Physical Graffiti  
  Side A:

Custard Pie (Alternate Vers.)
The Rover (Acoustic)
In My Time of Dying (Rehersal Sessions 1974)
Trampled Underfoot (Double vocal mix)

  Side B :

Kashmir (Instrumental)
Swan Song (Instrumental, version 1)
Swan Song (Instrumental, version 2)
Boogie With Stu (Alternate Mix, London 1974)
Wanton Song (Alternate Mix)

  Side C:

In the Light (Alternate mix)
Ten Years Gone(Olympic Studios,London,1974)
Night Flight (Mix Down Session, Olympic Studios,London,1974)

  Side D :

Sick Again (Headley Grange Studios,Hampshite,UK )
Take Me Home (Take 1-2)
In The Morning Aka In The Light (Take 1)
Trampled Underfoot (Take 3-4 Headley Grange Studios,Hampshite,UK)