TSP 021-2 The Who   Live In Amsterdam

  LP 1:

  Heaven In Hell
  I Can`t Explaine
  Fortune Teller
  Young Man Blues
  Tommy Part I
   a) Ouverture
   b) It`s A Boy
   c) 1921
   d) Amanzing Journey
   e) Sparks
  Tommy Part II
   a) Eyesight To The Blind
   b) Christmas

  LP 2:

  Tommy Part III
   a) The Acid Queen
   b) Pin Ball Wizard
   c) Do You Think It`s Alright?
   d) Fiddle About
   e) Tommy Can You Hear Me
   f) There`s A Doctor
   g) Go To The Mirror
   h) Smash The Mirror
   i) Miracle Cure
   j) Sally Simpson
  Tommy Part IV
   a) I`m Free
   b) Tommy`s Holiday Camp
   e) We`re Not Gonna Take It
  Summertime Blues
  Shakin`All Over

  All Songs Are Live Recorded In Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Sep 9th, 1969

TSP 022 The Doors   Celebration

  Light My Fire    3:03
  Touch Me    3:24
  When The Music's Over    12:56
  The End    15:40
  Moonlight Drive    3:10
  Light My Fire    2:57

  Track 1: Ed Sullivan Show 17-09-67
  Track 2: Smothers Brothers Show 04-12-68
  Track 3: Hollywood Bowl (L.A.) 05-07-68
  Track 4: Hollywood Bowl (L.A.) 05-07-68
  Track 5: Jonathan Winters Show 27-12-67
  Track 6: Jonathan Winters Show 27-12-67

TSP 023-2 Rolling Stones   Hyde Park 1969

  Side A:

  Eulogy for Brian Jones
  I`m Your`s She`s Mine
  Jumping Jack Flash
  No Expectations
  Mercy Mercy
  Sray Cat Blues
 Side B:
 I`m Free
 Down Home Girl
 Love in Vain
 Loving Cup

  Side C:

  Midnight Rambler
  Honky Tonk Woman
  Sreet Fighting Man
 Side D:
 Sympathy for the Devil

  All songs are live recorded at Hyde Park, London, July 5th, 1969

TSP 024 Led Zeppelin   Riverside Blues

  Side A:

  Whole Lotta Love
  Travelling Riverside Blues
  What Is And What Should Never Be
  Communication Breakdown

  Side B:

  You Shook Me
  Dazed And Confused
  I Gotta Move

  Tracks 1-3: Recorded Live For BBC- Top Gear ,June 1969
  Tracks 4-5: Recorded Live For BBC- Top Gear ,March 3,1969
  Recorded 6: Live In Staines,England, March 1969
  Recorded 7: Live At Konserthuset,Stockholm, March 14, 1969

TSP 025 The Beatles   Ultra Rare Trax Vol.3

  Side A:

  Ob-La Di,Ob-La Da
  Tomorrow Never Knows
  A Day In The Life
  Yes It Is
  I Saw Her Standing There(Take 10)

  Side B:

  Norwegian Wood (Take 1)
  Not Guilty
  Across The Universe
  While My Guitar Gently Weeps -
  Ticket To Ride


TSP 026 The Beatles   Ultra Rare Trax Vol.4

  Side A:

  One After 909
  A Taste Of Honey (Take 7)
  I Feel Fine (Take 7)
  Yer Blues
  Blues Jam

  Side B:

  Not Guilty
  Get Back
  Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
  Do You Want To Know A Secret?
  All You Need Is Love


TSP 027 Pink Floyd   Libest Spacement Monitor

  Green Is The Colour
  Careful With That Axe,Eugene
  Atom Heart Mother

  Recorded Live in London, Playhouse Theatre, September 16, 1970

TSP 028 Rolling Stones   There`s No Angel Born In Hell
  Side A:

  Jumpin`Jack Flash
  (I Can`t Get No) Satisfaction
  Love In Vain
  Honky Tonk Woman

  Side B:

  Sympathy For The Devil Part 1
  Sympathy For The Devil Part 2
  Under My Thumb
  Gimme Shelter

   Side 1 - Rec. Live At Madison Square Garden, New York/USA - Nov. 27/28, 1969
   Side 2 - Rec. Live At Altamont Speedway, San Francisco/USA - Dec. 6, 1969

TSP 029 The Who   American Tour 1973


  The Real Me
  Bell Boy
  Doctor Jimmy
  I Can't Explain
  Summertime Blues


  My Generation
  Pinball Wizard
  We're Not Gonna Take It
  Won't Get Fooled Again

  Recorded Live AT THE Capitol Centre, Largos, December 1973

TSP 030-2 Rolling Stones   Get Your Leeds Lungs Out!

  LP One

  Dead Flowers
  Stray Cat Blues
  Love In Vain
  Midnight Rambler

  LP Two

  Honky Tonk Women
  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
  Little Queenie
  Brown Sugar
  Street Fghting Man
  Let It Rock

  Recorded live at Leeds University, England March 13, 1971

TSP 031 Steppenwolf   Ride With Me

  Side A:

  Ride With Me
  Foggy Mental Breakdown
  Tighten Up Your Wig

  Side B:

  Magic Carpet Ride
  The Pusher

  Recorded Live At Konserthuset, Gotenburg, Sweden, Sep 20, 1972

TSP 032-2 Crosby Stills Nash & Young   Long Time Gone

  LP One

  01.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  03.On The Way Home
  04.Teach Your Children
  05.Tell Me Why
  06.The Loner/Cinnamon Girl/Down By       The River
  07.Black Queen

  LP Two

  08.49 Bye-Byes/For What It's Worth
  09.Love The One You're With
  10.As I Come Of Age
  11.Pre-Road Downs
  12.Long Time Gone
  13.Helplessly Hoping
  15.Southern Man

  Recorded Live At Lakehurst,New Jersey, June 3th 1970

TSP 033-3 Allman Brothers   Statesboro Blues

  LP 1:

  Dreams I`ll Never See
  Statesboro Blues
  Trouble No More
  Every Hungry Woman
  LP 2:

  Outskirts Of Town
  Hoochie Coochie Man
  In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
  LP 3:

  Mountain Jam Pt.1
  Mountain Jam Pt.1

   Recorded Live at Ludluw`s Garage, Cincinatti, April 4th, 1970

TSP 034 Pink Floyd   One Of These Days

  01. Fat Old Sun (14:14)
  02. One Of These Days (6:54)
  03. Echoes (26:17)

  Recorded Live At The Paris Theatre,London October 12th 1971

TSP 035 The Beatles   Ultra Rare Trax Vol.5

  Side A:

  Christmas Time Is Here Again
  I Me Mine
  Strawberry Fields Forever (Take1)
  Hey Jude (Rehersal Take9)

  Side B:

  Magical Mystery Tour
  What's The New Mary Jane?
  Lady Madonna
  One After 909
  Ob-La Da,Ob-La Da/
    Christmas Time Is Here Again


TSP 036 The Beatles   Ultra Rare Trax Vol.6

  Side A:

  Come And Get It
  Hold Me Tight
  I'll Be On MY Way
  Strawberry Fields Forever
  It's All Too Much
  12-Bar Original
  I Hate To See

  Side B:

  She's A Woman(Take 7)
  What's The New Mary Jane?
  Dig It


TSP 037 Bruce Springsteen   Smalltown Boy

  Side A:

  New York City Serenade
  Wild Billy's Circus Story
  Spirit in the Night
  Does the Bus Stop at 82nd Street?

  Side B:

  Hey Santa Ana
  And the Band played

  Recorded live at Main Point, Bryn Mawr, April,24th 1973

TSP 038 Rolling Stones   Welcom To New York
  Side A:

  All Down The Line
  You Can't Always Get What You Want
  Midnight Rambler

  Side B:

  Bye Bye Johnny
  Rip This Joint
  Love In Vain
  Sweet Virginia
  Jumpin' Jack Flash

  Recorded Live At Madison Square Garden, New York, July 1972

TSP 039 Rod Stewart & The Faces   Real Good Time

  Side A:

  I`m Losing You
  Bring It On Home To Me
  Sweet Little Rock`N`Roller
  Fly In The Ointment
  Every Picture Tells A Story

  Side B:

  Stay With Me
  Motherless Child
  Gasoline Alley
  Maggie Mae
  Twistin`The Night Away

   Recorded Live In Detroit 1974

TSP 040-3 Genesis   Live In Montreal
  03. THE CINEMA SHOW 13.02
  04. I KNOW WHAT I LIKE 6.48
  05. FIRTH OF FIFTH 11.33
  06. THE MUSICAL BOX 12.39

  01. HORIZONS 2.50
  03. SUPPER'S READY 23.41
  04. IN THE CAGE* 6.52

All songs are live recorded at the University Sports Centr, Montreal, Canada, April 21, 1974,*WEMBLEY EMPIRE POOL,LONDON