TSP 001 The Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol.1
TSP 002 The Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol.2
TSP 003-2 Rolling Stones Get Satisfaction...If You Want!
TSP 004-3 The Doors Live In Stockholm
TSP 005 The Beatles Stars Of `63
TSP 006 The Byrds Live In Stockholm 1967
TSP 007 Rolling Stones Conquer America
TSP 008-2 The Beatles Live In Paris 1965
TSP 009 Bob Dylan & The Band Royal Albert Hall 1966
TSP 010 Rolling Stones Bright Lights-Big City
TSP 011 The Beatles Five Nights In A Judo Arena
TSP 012-3 Jimi Hendrix Experience On The Killing Floor
TSP 013 Jethro Tull Nothing Is Easy
TSP 014 Cream Stepping Out
TSP 015-3 The Beatles From Us To You
TSP 016 Jimi Hendrix Live In Paris
TSP 017 Otis Redding Satisfaction
TSP 018 Jimi Hendrix Experience Fire
TSP 019 Led Zeppelin White Summer
TSP 020 Pink Floyd The Embryo
TSP 021-2 The Who Live In Amsterdam
TSP 022 The Doors Celebration
TSP 023-2 Rolling Stones Hyde Park 1969
TSP 024 Led Zeppelin Riverside Blues
TSP 025 The Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol.3
TSP 026 The Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol.4
TSP 027 Pink Floyd Libest Spacement Monitor
TSP 028 Rolling Stones There`s No Angel Born In Hell...
TSP 029 The Who American Tour 1973
TSP 030-2 Rolling Stones Get Your Leeds Lungs Out!
TSP 031 Steppenwolf Ride With Me
TSP 032-2 Crosby,Stills,Nash&Young Long Time Gone
TSP 033-3 Allman Brothers Statesboro Blues
TSP 034 Pink Floyd One Of These Days
TSP 035 The Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol.5
TSP 036 The Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol.6
TSP 037 Bruce Spingsteen Smalltown Boy
TSP 038 Rolling Stones Welcome To New York
TSP 039 Rod Stewart & The Faces Real Good Time
TSP 040-3 Genesis Live In Montreal
TSP 041-2 David Bowie Rock`N`Roll Suicide
TSP 042-2 Neil Young & Crazy Horse Winterlong
TSP 043-2 Rolling Stones Live`r Than You`ll Ever Be
TSP 044-2 Led Zeppelin Trampled Underfoot
TSP 045-2 Derek & The Dominoes The Miami Sessions
TSP 046-3 The Byrds Live In Amsterdam
TSP 047-3 The Doors The Matrix Tapes
TSP 048-2 Bruce Springsteen Saint In The City
TSP 049 Pink Floyd The Best Of Tour 72
TSP 050-2 Rolling Stones Philadelphia Special Part 1
TSP 051 Bruce Springsteen And The Band Played
TSP 052 Pink Floyd Amsterdam `69
TSP 053 David Bowie White Light-White Heat
TSP 054 Bob Dylan Manchester Prayer
TSP 055-2 Bob Dylan & The Band Love Songs For America
TSP 056 Rolling Stones Rocks Off!
TSP 057-2 Bob Dylan Now Ain`t The Time
TSP 058-2 Lou Reed Hero & Heroine
TSP 059-3 Led Zeppelin Destroyer
TSP 060 Rolling Stones Philadelphia Special Part 2
TSP 061 Pink Floyd Welcome To The Machine
TSP 062 Jimi Hendrix Last American Concert Vol.1
TSP 063 Eric Clapton American Tour 78
TSP 064-2 Rolling Stones Out On Bail
TSP 065-2 The Police Bring On The Night
TSP 066-2 New Barbarians Buried Alive
TSP 067 Iggy Pop Nightclubbing
TSP 068 Dire Straits Once Upon A Time
TSP 069-2 Prince Jack U Off
TSP 070-2 The Cure Play For Today
TSP 071-2 Pink Floyd Live In Montreux 1971
TSP 072 Jimi Hendrix Last American Concert Vol.2
TSP 073-3 Led Zeppelin Brussels Affair
TSP 074 Neil Young In Concert
TSP 075-3 Rolling Stones Atlantic City`89
TSP 076 Neil Young Amsterdam`89
TSP 077 Sisters Of Mercy Floorshow
TSP 078-2 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Straight Into Darkness
TSP 079 Stevie Ray Vaughan Last Farewell
TSP 080-2 Gary Moore And The Midnight Blues Band Back To The Blues
TSP 081 Van Morrison Live In Montreux
TSP 082 Jeff Healey Band In Concert
TSP 083-2 The Cramps Sex & Cramps & Rock`N`Roll
TSP 084-2 Iggy Pop Real Wild Child
TSP 085-2 Keith Richards A Stone Alone
TSP 086-2 The Cure Full Moon Concert
TSP 087-2 Midnight Oil Dreamworld
TSP 088-2 Dire Straits American Tour 1985
TSP 089 Bob Marley & The Wailers Live In Chicago
TSP 090-2 Depeche Mode Performance
TSP 091-2 Little Feat Back On The Road
TSP 092-2 Eurythmics In Their Own Words
TSP 093 U2 Another Time,Another Place
TSP 094-2 Prince Nightcubbing
TSP 095 The Bangles Live
TSP 096-2 Led Zeppelin Live In Rotterdam
TSP 097 The Police Reunion Concert 1986
TSP 098 Waterboys Live At The Zenith
TSP 099-3 Neil Young & Crazy Horse Prisoners Of Rock`N`Roll
TSP 100-3 Rolling Stones Hampton`81
TSP 101-2 Aerosmith Rock This Way
TSP 102-2 Bon Jovi Dead Or Alive
TSP 103 Tina Turner Live In Tokoy
TSP 104 Sisters Of Mercy Live In Amsterdam 1984
TSP 105 Sting Chicago`91
TSP 106 Roger McGuinn Someone To Love
TSP 107-2 Bob Dylan & Tom Petty True Confessions
TSP 108 The Pogues Live On Rain Street
TSP 109 The Smiths Live In Madrid
TSP 110 The Pixies Subbacultcha
TSP 111-2 Iggy Pop Raw Power
TSP 112-3 Guns`N`Roses Live And Let Die
TSP 113-2 Jimmy Page Midnight Moonlight
TSP 114 U2 Philadelphia Special
TSP 115 Muddy Waters & Rolling Stones Sweet Home Chicago
TSP 116 Police Many Miles Away
TSP 117-2 Dire Straits European Tour 1992
TSP 118-2 Whitesnake Live In Tokoy
TSP 119 Roxy Music Out Of The Blue
TSP 120 Tracy Chapman Live
TSP 121-2 Extreme Flesh And Blood
TSP 122-2 Cinderella Gipsy Road
TSP 123 Inxs Original Sin
TSP 124 The Cure Inbetween Days
TSP 125 Santana Live At Sunrise
TSP 126 Rolling Stones Paris Aux Printemps
TSP 127 Soup Dragons Dream-E-Forever
TSP 128 Tom Petty & The Heartbrakers Anyway You Want It
TSP 129 Pearl Jam Live Performance
TSP 130 Mick Jagger From Far East To Down Under
TSP 131 Rod Stewart Sweet Little Rock`N`Roller
TSP 132 Judas Priest Breaking The Law
TSP 133 Chris Isaak Live In Zurich
TSP 134 ZZ Top Live Nationwide
TSP 135 Stevie Ray Vaughan Live In Montreux
TSP 136 Little Village Stage Job
TSP 137-2 Grateful Dead Live In Oakland
TSP 138 Tin Machine Heaven`s In Here
TSP 139 Mink De Ville Desperate Days
TSP 140 Keith Richards A Slice Of Rock`N`Roll
TSP 141-2 Prince Housequake
TSP 142 Nirvana Live
TSP 143 Ozzy Osbourne Paranoid Man
TSP 144-2 Jethro Tull Never Too Old To Rock`N`Roll
TSPCD 145 John Lee Hooker Mill Valley 1992
TSPCD 146-2 Bob Marley & The Wailers Wake Up And Live
TSPCD 147-2 Lou Reed Power And Glory
TSPCD 148 Graham Parker Blue Highway
TSPCD 149-2 Bruce Springsteen Acoustic Tales
TSPCD 150-2 Rolling Stones Live In Toronto
TSPCD 151-2 The Cure A`L Olympia
TSPCD 152 Sisters Of Mercy Live In The Trojan Horse
TSPCD 153 Depeche Mode New Life
TSPCD 154 Ron Wood Pretty Beat Up
TSPCD 155 Keith Richards Toronto`93
TSPCD 156-3 Eric Clapton & Otis Spann Montreux `86
TSPCD 157-2 Bon Jovi Europe 93
TSPCD 158-2 U 2 Achtung Bootleg
TSPCD 159-2 Neil Young Silver And Gold
TSPCD 160-2 Aerosmith Eat The Rich
TSPCD 161 REM Acoustic
TSPCD 162 Heroes Del Silencio Live In Concert
TSPCD 163 Pixies Gone To Heaven
TSPCD 164 Pearl Jam Europe 93
TSPCD 165 Ramones Back Street Party
TSPCD 166 Stevie Ray Vaugham & Buddy Guy It`s Still Called The Blues
TSPCD 167 John Lee Hooker The Montreux Album
TSPCD 168 Buddy Guy Blues Alive
TSPCD 169-2 The Neville Brothers Swiss Moon
TSPCD 170-2 Pink Floyd Atom Heart Winterland
TSPCD 171 Motörhead Deaf Forever
TSPCD 172 Nirvana Live In Seattle 1993
TSPCD 173 Rage Against The Machine Live
TSPCD 174 Red Hot Chili Peppers WhatLive
TSPCD 175-2 Crowded House Stage time
TSPCD 176 Pink Floyd Brain Damage
TSPCD 177-2 Black Crowes In Concert 1993
TSPCD 178 George Thorogood Viva Las Vegas
TSPCD 179 Izzy Stradlin Buried Alive
TSPCD 180-2 Rolling Stones First Night Stand - Washington `94 Vol.1&2
TSPCD 181-2 Rolling Stones Live At The Superdome-New Orleans`94
TSPCD 182-2 Rolling Stones Live At Joe Robbie Stadium -Miami`94
TSPCD 183 Eric Clapton The Last Rehearsal
TSPCD 184 Rolling Stones Shattered In Europe
TSPCD 185-2 Rolling Stones Live In Johannesburg
TSPCD 186 Bruce Springsteen Live At Max's Kansas City
TSPCD 187 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live in Gainesville
TSPCD 188 Stevie Ray Vaughan First Connection In Europe
TSPCD 189 BB King Live In Montreux
TSPCD 190-4 Rolling Stones Beast Of Belgium
TSPCD 191 Mick Jagger Trough The Years
TSPCD 192 Bon Jovi Made in Japan
TSP 193
TSPCD 194 Nils Lofgren Back It Up
TSPCD 195-2 Rolling Stones All Hallow`s Eve
TSPCD 196-6 Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight
TSPCD 197-2 Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Live At The Shark Tank 1995
TSPCD 199 Rolling Stones Lonely At The Top
TSPCD 200-4 Rolling Stones Handsome Girls
TSPCD 201-2 Rolling Stones Da`Lapa Incident/Lisboa`95
TSPCD 202-2 New Barbarians Blind Date Revisited
TSPCD 203 Ron Wood Live In Austin
TSPCD 204 New Barbarians Live At L.A.Forum
TSPCD 205 Stevie Ray Vaughan In Memoriam
TSPCD 206-2 The Black Crowes Live in Newport 1992
TSPCD 207 Bob Marley Welcome To New York
TSPCD 208 Grateful Dead Live At The Orpheum Theatre
TSPCD 209 Lynyrd Skynyrd Live At The Fox Theatre 1993
TSPCD 211-2 Patti Smith Live At CBGB`S
TSPCD 212 Iggy Pop The Complete Channel Tapes
TSPCD 213 Johnny Winter Woodstock Revival
TSPCD 214 Rolling Stones San Diego`69
TSPCD 215 Rolling Stones Get Your Leeds Lungs Out Revisited
TSPCD 217 The Byrds Doin`Alright For Old People
TSPCD 218 Slade Live In London
TSPCD 219-2 Eric Burdon & The Animals Live In Poughkeepsie
TSPCD 220-2 Jimi Hendrix Live In Copanhagen 1968/70
TSPCD 221-2 David Bowie Serious Moonlight
TSPCD 222-2 U2 The Complete Boston `83 Tapes
TSPCD 223 The Cure Cold
TSP 224
TSP 225
TSP 226
TSP 227
TSP 228
TSP 229
TSP 230
TSP 231
TSP 232
TSP 233
TSP 234
TSP 235
TSP 236
TSP 237
TSP 238
TSP 239
TSP 240
TSP 241
TSP 242
TSP 243
TSP 244
TSP 245
TSP 246
TSP 247
TSP 248
TSPCD 249-2 Van Morrison Christmas Special
TSPCD 250 Ikon The Trial Of Destiny
TSPCD 251 Alanis Morissette Thank You Toronto
TSPCD 252-2 Lou Reed Modern Dance
TSPCD 253-2 Cure In Between Milleniums
TSPCD 255-2 Iron Maiden Brave New Tour
TSPCD 256 Placebo Palefaced Moments
TSPCD 257-2 Pink Floyd Montreux Casino 1970
TSPCD 258-2 Van Morrison Think Twice Before You Go
TSPCD 260-2 Frank Zappa The Sheik Reharsals
TSPCD 261-2 Jethro Tull House of Blues
TSPCD 262 REM The Right To Bear Arms
TSPCD 263 Rory Gallagher Live In Cork
TSPCD 264 Oasis Oasis of Lust
TSPCD 265 Travis Travisty
TSPCD 266 Eric Clapton One Night in December
TSPCD 267 Anastacia Sex Motherf*cker
TSPCD 268 Sex Pistols Nevermind Winterland
TSPCD 269 REM mtv Unplugged
TSPCD 270 Jamiroquai Hamburg Funkstars
TSPCD 271 PJ Harvey Forestglade Queenie
TSPCD 272-2 Rolling Stones Whip's crack & Tiger's Snarl
TSPCD 273 Nickelback Somewhere Close To Hollywood
TSPCD 274 Rolling Stones Pain Of Love
TSPCD 275-2 Frank Zappa Wanna Buy Some Acid ?
TSPCD 276-2 Toto Caught In The Balance
TSPCD 277 PJ Harvey b-sides and demos rare
TSPCD 278-2 Rory Gallagher Secret Agent In Cologne
TSPCD 279-2 The Beatles The alternate white album
TSPCD 280 Björk At the Royal Opera House
TSPCD 281 Korn The Torture Never Stops
TSPCD 282 David Bowie Heathen In New York
TSPCD 283 Muse Micro Cuts On Stage
TSPCD 284 Jethro Tull Hippodrome Breath
TSPCD 286 Sheryl Crow Metropolis
TSPCD 287 Red Hot Chili Peppers Paris By Night
TSPCD 288-2 Paul McCartney Driving Washington
TSPCD 289 Rory Gallagher The Devil Made Me Do It
TSPCD 290 Puddle Of Mudd Bizarre Dirt
TSPCD 292 Incubus A Certain Shade Of Red
TSPCD 293-2 Bon Jovi London
TSP-CDS-001 Rolling Stones IBC Demos 1963
TSP-CDS-002 Rolling Stones Chess Chicago Outtakes 1964
TSP-CDS-003 Rolling Stones Cops And Robbers
TSP-CDS-004 Rolling Stones Camden Theatre 1964
TSP-CDS-005 The Doors With Eddie Vedder
TSP-CDS-006 Pearl Jam The Live Cover E.P.
TSP-CDS-RSAMC Rolling Stones At The Marquee Club
TSP-CDS-BLBC Rolling Stones Bright Lights Big City
TSP-SB-3 Rolling Stones Live Basel 90
TSP-PRO-001 A Slice Of Swingin`Pig Vol.1
TSP-PRO-002 A Slice Of Swingin`Pig Vol.2
TSP-CD-PRO 1/2   Taste A Slice Of Swingin`Pig
TSP-003/SH Rolling Stones Roll over Beethoven
TSP-007/SH Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side