TSP 001 Rolling Stones Can You Hear The Guitar
TSP 002 Rolling Stones Unsearchable Stars
TSP 003 Genesis Genesis Live
TSP 004 Bob Dylan Tunes From The Simple Years
TSP 005-2 Pink Floyd One Of These Days - Live in Pompejii
TSP 006 Rolling Stones The Great Lost Live Album Vol. 1
TSP 007 Keith Richard Booze And Pills And Powders
TSP 008 Bob Dylan Over The Cliff
TSP 009 Muddy Waters & Rolling Stones Sweet Home Chicago
TSP 010 Pink Floyd Fillmore West
TSP 011 Neil Young Computer Age Live '82
TSP 012 Rolling Stones So Much Younger Than Today
TSP 013 Bruce Springsteen Growing`Up Tour Legend
TSP 014 Bob Dylan Nearer To The Fire
TSP 015 Rolling Stones He Is Not Dead
TSP 016 Bob Dylan & Jerry Garcia The Live Adventures Of
TSP 017 Frank Zappa Freaks & Motherfuckers
TSP 018-2 Rolling Stones Time Is On Our Side
TSP 019 Rolling Stones BBC Broadcasts
TSP 020 Bruce Springsteen Rock Throught The Jungle
TSP 045-001 Rolling Stones Slowly Rockin`On
TSP 045-002 Keith Richards ALTERNATE TAKE EP
TSP 045-003 Rolling Stones Ain`t It Good To Be Alive