Genuine Pig Records - 132

  Rolling Stones - Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 9  
  live and studio tracks  

 Don`t Lie To Me
    (BBC Saturday Club, 03.02.1964)
 Looking Tired
    (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 06.09.1965)
 Honky Tonk Women
    (San Diego, 11.10.1969)
 Street Fighting Man
    (San Diego, 11.10.1969)
 Citadel [take I]
    (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 09.06.1967)
 Love In Vain
    (Ed Sullivan TV Show, New York City, 18.11.1969)
 Sympathy For The Devil
    (probably London, Frost on Saturday, 29.11.1968)
 Satisfaction [take II]
    (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 11-12.05.1965)
 Around & Around
    (London, Rhythm And Blues, 08.10.1964)
 Leather Jacket
    (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 16.06-27.07.1970)
 The Spider & The Fly [take I]
    (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 11-12.05.1965)