Genuine Pig Records - 105

  Rolling Stones - Ultra Rare Trax 5  


 Still A Fool
    (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
 2120 South Michigan Avenue
    (BBC London, Rhythm And Blues, 08.10.1964)
 Loving Sacred Loving
    (song by "The End", featuring Nicky Hopkins but no Stone)
 Fortune Teller [take II]
    (London, Decca Studios, 09.07.1963)
 High Blues
    (two swiss guys, FAKED track !)
 The Spider And The Fly
    (BBC London, Saturday Club, 20.08.1965)
 Mother`s Little Helper [take I]
    (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 03-08.12.1965)
 Give Me A Hamburger To Go
    (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
 Downtown Suzie [take II]
    (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 17.04.-02.07.1969)
 Around And Around
    (BBC London, Top Gear, 17.07.1964)
 If You Need Me
    (BBC London, Top Gear, 17.07.1964)
 Cocksucker Blues
    (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 03-05-.1970)