Genuine Pig Records - 103

  Rolling Stones - Ultra Rare Trax 3  

 Wild Horses [take V]
     (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 17.02.1970)
 Down The Road Apiece
    (BBC Top Gear, London, 01.03.1965)
 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
     (BBC Top Gear, London, 01.03.1965)
 Who Am I?
    (London, Olympic Studios, 14-15.07.1970)
 Brown Sugar [take IV]
     (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 18.12.1969)
 Shades Of Orange
    (track by The End, 1969, with Charlie Watts)
 The Last Time
    (BBC Top Gear, London, 01.03.1965)
 Mercy Mercy
    (BBC Yeh! Yeh!, London, 20.08.1965)
 I`m Going Down
     [take II] (Los Angeles, Elektra Studios, 28.10.-02.11.1969)
 I Don`t Know Why [take I]
     (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 17.04.-02.07.1969)
 Ruby Tuesday [take II]
    (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 08-26.11.1966)
 Crackin` Up
    (BBC Top Gear, London, 17.07.1964)
 I Want To Be Loved
    (London, IBC Studios, 11.03.1963)
 Potted Shrimps
    (Newbury, MRU & London, Olympic Studios, 17.10.-31.10.1970)