TSP 2214/15 Black Sabbath Böblingen & Born Again Demos
TSP 2216/17 Deep Purple Slaves & Sessions
TSP 2218/19 Rainbow Swiss Made
TSP 2220/21 Tom Waits Bridge Benefit
TSP 3000 Björk Pagan Poetry
TSP 3741/42 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues Tour 04
TSP 3998/99 Van Morrison Magic Time
TSP 3741/42 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Ready For Love
TSP 3743/44 Queens Of The Stone Age Live Berlin 2007
TSP 4001 Johnny Cash American Outtakes
TSP 4002 Johnny Cash More American Outtakes
TSP 4004 Neil Young & Crazy Horse 4 th of July Picnic Weekend
TSP 4006/7 Bob Dylan Honest With Us
TSP 4008/9 David Bowie Reality Tour
TSP 4010/11 Radiohead Bush Out!
TSP 4444/45 The Cure Push
TSP 4449/50 Rolling Stones Sympathy For Berlin
TSP 5110/11 Kraftwerk Live Berlin
TSP 5112/13 Patti Smith Blakean Year
TSP 5116/17 Morrissey How soon is Berlin?
TSP 5118 Bruce Springsteen High Hopes
TSP 5119 Bruce Springsteen Acoustic Jewels
TSP 5121/22 Patti Smith Warning The Audience
TSP 5231/32 Tom Waits Berlin 2004
TSP 5527/28 David Gilmor Hambourg Echoes
TSP 5529/30 Van Morrison Stranded In Berlin
TSP 5552/53 Tom Waits Amsterdamned
TSP 5888/89 Bruce Springsteen Inside A Quiet Space
TSP 5890/91 Coldplay White Shadows
TSP 5892/93 U2 Bloody Thursday
TSP 7801/02 Bob Dylan Live 2007 Berlin
TSP 7803/04 Rainbow Lost And Never Found